Roofing Sheets Dealers Kerala

Being one of the best roofing sheet company in kerala ,Georoof provides a variety of permanent colour coated insulated metal roof and wall cladding systems for industrial and commercial buildings. The metal roof & wall cladding products are the modern maintenance and economical solution to building construction needs of today’s world. We provide full support for Georoof Roofing sheets dealers kerala and fabricators to help keep their business on track.

Georoof Ebiz Partner

Roofing sheets dealers kerala

Times have truly changed and it’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt to the latest technological developments. Noticeably, information technology is taking the world by storm. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, Georoof is introducing Ebiz Partner, an inventory management software specially developed for Roofing sheets dealers kerala to help keep their business on track. Roofing sheets is the peripheral layer on the top of a building, sometimes self-supporting, but generally supported by an underlying structure. A building’s roofing material gives shield from the natural elements such as rain,thunder etc. The outer layer of a roof shows great variation dependent upon availability of material

RoofXpert –  Roofing fabricators Mobile Application

roofing sheet dealers kerala,roofing sheet dealers kerala

An industry grows only when its people upgrade themselves. Envisaging an unprecedented growth in Indian roofing industry, Georoof has introduced RoofXpert, a mobile application that transforms fabricators into expert roofing professionals. From selecting the material for the customer to completing an order, RoofXpert takes it to the next level of professionalism.We offer superior services and products to roofing sheets suppliers ,roofing fabricators.The range of services and products we offer are also diversified

Geocad Software

Roofing sheets dealers kerala To stay competitive with the emerging techniques and developments in the infrastructure industry, Georoof introduces GeoCAD, a unique software that helps in developing technically perfect roofing designs, creating roofing models and preparing estimates.

GEOCAD software is the world leader in software for professional estimators planning roofing and cladding recommendations, generating cutting lists, dealer orders and fabrication details – automating all your manual procedures with the most advanced roof software technology accessible.


Roofing Sheets Dealers Kerala Training Session

Georoof conducts special training sessions for Roofing sheet dealers to help them acquire new skills, increase their contribution to the business, build their self-esteem and above all make them updated about the fast growing trends in the Infrastructure industry.Training on and off roofs for roofing sheets dealers guarantees quality design and installation. A sustainable roofing system not only depends on high-quality materials, but equally on appropriate design and professional installation.

Main Roofing sheet products from Georoof

Alu-Zinc Roofing sheets

1. Eurotile Alu-Zinc Resedential Roofing Sheets

2. Espana Alu-Zinc Resedential Roofing Sheets

3. Mangalore Tile Resedential Roofing Sheets

4. Vista 5 Rib Industrial Roofing Sheets

5. Sturdy 6 Rib Industrial Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets Structuals

1.Geofab Precision Structuals

2.Geo Fasteners self-drilling screws

3.Geoguard Rain Drain System

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